Friday, August 11, 2006

Update on Departure

It's looking good for departure tomorrow is my current feeling. The Thursday flight departed OK this evening only 20 mins later than scheduled. Considering the disruption at LHR today I would say that was very good indeed.

It looks like I won't be able to take the Ipod into the cabin with me nor any reading material at all unless they are letting you take stuff you have bought in the departure lounge. It's not clear at the moment. It looks like it is going to be a very long, very boring eleven hour flight.
I am planning to stay up late tonight so that I am very tired tomorrow and hopefully sleep on the flight.

A new series of The Dragons Den started recently, I watched it this evening. It has started to become a bit of a formula: They usually rubbish and dismiss most ideas pretty quickly; there is usually one person they go with, but they always want to take double the stake in the company that the entrepreneurs are offering. This evening one poor chap pitching a telephone mechanic service to troubleshoot your car was reduced to tears by "The Dragons". The guy they did go with (the truck washing business) they fought over amongst themselves and finally agreed to give him 200k for 40% of his business. Lets hope it works out for him. The most amusing part was an older gentlemen trying to sell them the idea of the EasyXChair a home workout kit in the shape of an armchair. All credit to the guy he's put up a website. It brought tears of laughter to Duncan's eyes trying the running machine out of the back of the chair!

I've been following blogs today to add to the "blogroll" on the side. It's a pastime that can easily take up your whole day. I'll try and add a few more Korean ones. The Korean Blog list has 332 blogs so I'm slowly working my way through them, even at three or four per day it's going to take a while. My current favorite is The Daily Kimchi two Canadians English teachers (what else) with a keen interest in Korean food and Carrefour

With any luck this will be my last post from Clapham, South London. I may post a quick update from an internet kiosk at Heathrow, otherwise the next post will be from Seoul. Wish me luck.


Paul Smith said...

Good luck Jon.

With a bit of luck you might smuggle some sudoko on board ;-)

Adrian said...

have a safe flight