Saturday, March 21, 2009

JapanSoc Bloggers Conference 2

Last week I attended the JapanSoc Blogger's conference. It was organised by Koichi of Rather than try to get the thirty plus people together physically, it was held online via the website edufire. This also allowed bloggers from all over Japan, and indeed the world, with an interest in Japan to attend. (Well done to Michael who was logged in from England well into the small hours of the night!)

The conference was held to discuss and brainstorm ideas about the social bookmarking site for stories about Japan and the JapanSoc Google Group at

I had not joined the previous conference and there were also several others new to the conference, so there was some time for introductions. We moved on to discuss the idea of a JapanSoc podcast. There was lots of enthusiam and some solid plans made. More details on that when it comes out.

Other items we discussed: If you are on there is a JapanSoc group. There is also a Facebook group member Sites page - are you on it?

Join the google group to participate in the regular Action Alerts to promote the society. This group, I discovered, was created after the 1st conference.

There's also a Wiki.

For all those that use Twitter, please Tweet: “Follow @japansoc!” or something to get more people to Japansoc.

A regular Japan Blog Carnival named the Matsuri. The most recent Japan_Blog_Matsuri

To share a little link love, here a list of the bloggers participating included: Shane from, GoddessCarlie, Rocking in Hakata, Michael: The Gakuranman, Rick Martin (,,, Wafukari, Kirk, Mo Kudeki, Chris, Instant Ramen, Frugalista Japan, Gaijin Stuff, David K.,Tokyotopia

(Apologies if I missed anyone out). Michael also did a write up of the conference (from which I have shameless copied numerous items) he has a great screenshot from the conference.

For those of you reading via an RSS feed, you will have missed the new widget I have installed to show the Top Stories on


Anonymous said...

another great synopsis of a great online conference

Nick Ramsay said...

Ditto that. I'm always hopeful we have something to show for each conference. The Google group was a result of the first one and the podcast will have come from the second. With a bit of planning we can come up with something every time!

Anonymous said...

It was nice to 'virtually' meet you at the conference.

This is a great group and you never know what they will think of next. I can't wait to hear the first podcast!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reference! Nice write up ^^

I'm the 'Gakuranman' by the way :P

♥♥♥♥♥ Jennifer™® ♥♥♥♥♥ said...

your blog is very good......