Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ebisu Advert

I hate this poster. I have to see this every evening on the way home. It looks he has a toilet roll in front of his face. I hope they change it soon.
Update: 04 Sep , they finally replaced it with something much less annoying.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Yamashirogumi in Shinjuku

Entertainment on Sunday was a brief trip to the Epson Epsite gallery in Shinjuku. Sadly Gallery 1, where the reptile and amphibian exhibition was on, was closed on a Sunday. Gallery with 2 with Yukikazu Ito's exhibition titled "The Rain, Asphalt", had, well, pictures of rain bouncing on to.. you guessed it, asphalt.

The first couple of photos were OK, but half way round the small gallery I was thinking, yes, OK, I've seen rain on the road.. The final shot was the kind the kind of out-take I would just delete, but he seemed to think it was worth while printing anyway.

The gallery acts as a showcase for Epson's range of printers and output devices. One gentleman was getting a photograph printed, which was a lot more presentable than some in the gallery. It's not clear if you have to pay for it, or they offer it as some kind of demonstration. I'm hoping to go back to see the Ryu Uchiyama's reptiles in Gallery 2 before it finishes on Aug 22nd.

Location : First floor Shinjuku Mitsui Building. Nearest station Nishi Shinjuku, or 10 minutes walk along the underpass from Shinjuku station. Entrance: free.

Outside in the plaza a large set had been contructed for the CAK festival. The Yamashirogumi group of percussion enthusiasts were formed in 1974 and play over eighty different types of folk music from around the world. We watched them playing some excellent xylophones.

Yamashirogumi, Outdoor concert, Shinjuku, Tokyo

Yamashirogumi, Outdoor concert, Shinjuku, Tokyo, closeup

There's a three minute recording I took from the afternoon on YouTube here along with some other videos other users have uploaded too.