Sunday, March 31, 2013

Meguro Sky Garden

The front page of the Japan Times today has a photo of the Meguro Tenku Teien ( Meguro Sky Garden ) from the air that opened to the public yesterday. It demonstrates the huge size of the construction that the new garden sits on top of.

It is just fifteen minutes walk from our house and I have been observing the construction of this massive edifice for the past five years. The Garden is between three and four floors up, on top of the Ohashi Expressway junction.

The junction allows traffic from the Expressway on the overpass to join the recently built tunnel three floors below ground. One access route is an elevator up from the center of the building.

Over a thousand trees and shrubs have been planted in the 7,000 square meter garden.

The tiling here looks very nice, but elsewhere they have put it in the flower beds and that does not look so good.

The footpath access is from under the expressway.

Entry to the park is free and it's open from 9am to 9pm. The nearest station is Ikejiri-Ohashi on the Den-en Toshi line, one stop from Shibuya.
Some more photos from my visit this afternoon are here, or if you prefer video there is short panorama video here.