Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Yoga, Beach and Fireflies : 12-13 June 2010

A firefly (Japanese, hotaru or botaru) is a small insect that produces light to attract a mate; in the Tokyo area of Japan this occurs in June. Here there are two species of Luciola (scientific name); genji-botaru and heike-botaru. Fireflies occur in many parts of the world, though they are strongly associated with the literature and art of Japan. This woodblock print (1864) is from the famous Genji Monogatari (thus genji-botaru), and illustrates a fascination for and appreciation of insect forms which finds expression in exquisite and minutely crafted works originating in China and Japan.

My wife is running a yoga weekend near Kurihama, at the Nobi Beach Club (One hour from Tokyo).

The program includes a night excursion for Firefly Viewing. Cost is 27,000 yen. Places are still available.

Please contact for details :