Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Scenes from the Streets of Kochi

Kochi city in Shikoku was one our favorite towns to walk around. Here is a selection of some of the sights that caught my eye. This cat was sat on top of a restaurant beside the Onagadori centre
cat on top of building

The whale was buried in the pavement in the covered shopping plaza in the centre of the town.
whale buried in pavement

Along with these fishes stuck on the side of the building a bit further up the road

This Koban (Police station) was quite stylish. I've sometimes considered the idea of doing a photo series on the huge variety of Koban you can find, from these eye catching modern ones, to tiny, eldery cabins. My main worry would be getting arrested for suspicious behaviour.

Cafe Mephistopheles, looked quite interesting, but we were not looking for coffee when we walked past.

There are two Tramlines in Kochi, one running north / south, and the other east / west. Trams are of a variety of ages and styles from the elderly to the modern. Fares are 190Yen in the city centre and increase as you go beyond that.

Temple with very large straw Shimenawa (on the south side of the main road heading west out of the city centre).