Friday, September 24, 2010

Sumo : Hakuho wins 60th consecutive bout

We visited the Sumo today. The 12th day of the Tokyo Grand Sumo tournament at the Kokugikan at Ryogoku. It is a fascinating spectacle. We arrived fairly early around 1pm and were enthralled all afternoon until the final bout just before 6pm. Hakuho the 25 year old Yokozuna was looking to continue his undefeated run of 59 bouts. He fought Baruto and won very convincingly in less than thirty seconds :

Tickets are still on sale for the last two days Saturday and Sunday if you are quick. We had a group of three seats in a small 'box' which means you sit on a cushion on the floor. So if you prefer a seat, you are better off with the cheaper tickets, that are in the second floor and bring a pair of binoculars. We bought ours at Ticket Pia on the second floor of Shibuya 109 building in Shibuya.

Monday, September 20, 2010

FolkRocks - Japanese Band

I've been to a couple of concerts by this band FolkRocks and I really like their sound. It's a cross between Folk music and Rock music! Here's one of their tunes with a video of the view out of the window of a train journey I took from Shimoda on the Izu penisula.

Sadly I have no idea what the lyrics mean, but I've been told they fit quite well with the visuals.
The front man of the band is Rui Nagai and he leads the band of five people. There is great atmosphere at the concerts with some very loyal fans.

You can a preview of the other songs on the album at iTunes

They don't play many gigs, but there is one coming up next month in Tokyo. I'll be there and if you'd like to join me I think you'll have a great night out.

Date: Wednesday October 20th 2010 · 6:30pm - 10:00pm

B1 1-20-16 Kichijoji , Tokyo.

Ticket price: 3,600yen ( includes 1 drink)

Facebook Event link : FolkRocks Live

Venue Directions : Take the north exit of Kichijoji station and come out to the big rotary. Take the big street on the right (passing UFJ Bank on your right), heading away from the station. Take the third right after UFJ, and find Star Pine's Cafe on your left .

Directions taken from Tokyo Gig Guide. They have got a huge list of venues that have live music in Tokyo.

If you like Japanese music, there's sure to me more blog posts thanks to this months Japan Blog Matsuri. Hosted by Jessica at Nippon Ichigo The theme is Japanese Music. What's your favourite Japanese band ?