Saturday, August 28, 2010 Resurrected

I glanced at google analytics for the stats on this blog recently and I noticed the site at number seven in the top 10 list of referrers I recall sending a request to be added back in 2007 when I moved to Japan, but I had never really noticed it since then. Looking at the site two weeks ago, it was obvious that it was no longer being maintained, which I thought was a shame.

Long term readers from my time in Korea may remember, I wrote a number of posts about new blogs from the and I always enjoyed finding new blogs to read. So I emailed the JapanBlogList site. To my surprise I received an email back, even more surprising was that the man behind the site is none other than Gary (GDog) from TheDailyKimchi. I met him a couple of times while were both living in Korea and we exchanged numerous emails.

So, to cut a long story short, Gary is busy in Canada and he had not had time to update the list, so I volunteered and he was delighted to let me loose on the site that he built. There is quite a lot of work to do for the site, so I have decided on number of phases for the effort required.

Phase One : Delete all the dead links. That started a couple of weeks ago when I took over, and ( thanks to Jeff as well who sent in a couple of links that I had missed) I think all the dead links have gone.

Phase Two : Add all the latest suggestions in the JapanBlogList inbox. This phase is almost complete. There are still another ten or so from the June and May that still need to be added. I hope to finish that this week.

Phase Three: Revisit all the blogs and collect the RSS feeds for each blog. Once this is complete I will use the feature 'list of blogs' to publish the latest updates for all the blogs onto the website. That's going to couple more weeks. Maybe I should set myself a deadline...

Phase Four : Start a regular posting schedule to list the newly added blogs with maybe a few lines on each blog. In addition I have already started a twitter feed All new blogs will get a tweet with the link.

Phase Five : Run a competition for a Logo for the site for use in social media sites etc and start promoting the site. will be the first port of call. Any other suggestions?

Phase Six : I can't think that far ahead. This should be enough to keep me busy for a few month yet...

So, I have you a blog relating to anything Japanese please let me know. Just follow the instructions on the site for submission, or feel free to add a comment below.
The main requirements are :

1. That the blog has a least ten posts : I don't want people who have just started a blog, try it for a couple of weeks and then give up, so that I have to go and delete them.

2. Has posted something within the last four months.

The site is getting at least a hundred visitors per day, so addition to the list will certainly increase your chances of getting visitors.

If you know of other Japanese blogs not already listed (and I already know there are quite a few that I read that are not listed) please let the blogger know that is Back in Business.