Thursday, June 29, 2006

Getting the Visa

A little history first. Since we came back to
London after six years in Zurich and two years
in Amsterdam before that, we have always
thought of living in London again as a temporary
thing. We've both had jobs, but now it's time for a

About six months ago we settled on
South Korea as our next destination.
The Bat found a position teaching English as a second Language
at a language school in Seoul and started the process
of applying for a work visa.

This took a little more work than expected.
You need to have a sealed transcript of your university
degree course. Once this was procured along,
with a copies of various other documents that all
needed to be authenticated (luckily the Chamber of Commerce
in London were happy to be of service) this was sent
to Korea by courier. Once they received it
they submitted it to the immigration.

Two weeks later we got back a visa number, The Bat took
this to the Korean Embassy
in London and we ended up with a visa each
The Bat has the work visa and I have the "dependant spouse" visa :
That's what the F3 refers to.


Cyblade said...

hi there,

it sounds like I'm in a similar situation as yours. my (english) husband's applying for a visa to teach english in s.korea. his agency in korea's coordinating all the paperwor. they're saying though that they can only hand out one visa number, for him, and then we need to pass that info onto the korean consulate in london. once he has his visa, we can then apply for mine (a spouse visa). now the consultate is saying that they need two separate visa numbers, one for said husband, and another one for me.

could you possibly shine any light on this? we want to make sure that nothing becomes unecessarily complicated :)

thanks loads in advance!


Jon Allen said...

Hi Patricia,

I'm a little hazy on the details from back then. I'm fairly sure that you get a form from the Embassy that goes along with the visa application for the main teachers visa.

I had a quick look on the Korean immigration website for any details but can't seem to find anything.

I'm not sure where you are, but give your local embassy a call. The staff in London were extremely helpful with questions like this.


Jon Allen said...

I've just read your comment again. I'm surprised the Consulate in London is not helpful.

We applied for both visas together for sure.