Tuesday, December 04, 2007

IT Job with Top Investment Bank in Seoul

I work for a prestigious investment bank that is recruiting IT support staff for the equities trading floor in the heart of Seoul's business district. There are two positions open, they require hands-on support of a wide range of business-critical applications and leading-edge technologies. The roles are varied and dynamic, with the opportunity to manage projects and to be directly involved in IT procurement.

Both roles require good technical skills in a Windows desktop environment. Knowledge of Market Data Systems and Linux experience would be an advantage.
The candidates are also expected to be fluent in English and Korean and to have a good education to at least university degree level.

Please submit your resume here. I guarantee a response within 48 hours.
All applications will be treated with complete confidentiality.
Update: These positions are still available.


daeguowl said...

Why don't you come back....I'm sure you can pick up korean soon enough..

Anonymous said...

wow, how wonderful chance...I lost good chance..hehe ..^^;;

from..IT bohemian

Jon Allen said...

The positions are still available. Send me your CV.

Sanjeev said...

i think this is not the correct place to write this, but i hope a response will come from you. i want a job in Tokyo.. could you please help me with some links of consultants.

how are savings in Seoul compared to Tokyo?

Jon Allen said...

Hi Sanjeev
You don't specify what industry you are in.

I can only comment based on my experience from looking for a job in IT.

There are several good sites for searching for Jobs in Japan.
You can try

Some agencies that I have found to be very good are





You should submit your CV to these agencies and then phone and speak to the consultants to understand how they can help you.

The cost of living is much higher in Japan than Korea, so it can be difficult to save.

Good luck. It's going to be tough.


Sanjeev said...
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Sanjeev said...

Dear John, Much thanks for your sincere comments and vital info. I am a Java/J2EE techie and looking for a job in investment banks. My freinds are their and they are very much happy with the salary so i also want to try my luck. Please tell me also if Korea is preferrable environment than Japan?

Thanks Again. Please come back if you have some more info.


ISYS1041_s3075352 said...

Hi Jon,

I am wondering if the positions still available.

I am a fresh Graduate from Australian University. Have been working in Australia for about 2 years in IT as Student Tutor, Web Developer, Support Level 1 & 2, and now working with one of Australian Supermarket Business (Coles Myer Group) as an System Analyst.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you so much for the information.

Please keep in touch.



Jon Allen said...

Hi David,
The position in Seoul is still open and we are interviewing.

However there is a hiring freeze at the moment, so as it stands currently you would not be taken on. This situation is expected to change within the next two months.

If you send me your CV I contact the hiring manager directly to take it further.
Do you speak Korean ?

ISYS1041_s3075352 said...

Hi Jon,

Glad to hear from you.

If you don't mind, let me update my CV first and send to you by this weekend OR if you like I can send you My CV that I use for Coles Myer Group.

About Korean language, I am not fluent in Korean, but I did study Korean Language in Monash University Australia for 6 months (Achieved 85%). Hope this will still open the opportunity for me for this job.

One last thing, could you please email me more information about this job?The Company Name, Location, etc?

Your cooperation is much appreciated.