Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Videos from Japan

There's been a couple of videos of life in Japan on other blogs that I feel worth a mention.

One from Stafford which shows what I'm like in the morning on a Japanese train trying to read my newspaper. It turns out to be from an improv comedy group in Osaka called Pirates of the Dotombori. I look forward to seeing them in Tokyo some time.

Another one from Annie at Going Underground on how crowded trains used to be back in 1991. I'd like to point out that, while it does get very busy on the trains here, I have never seen it that bad.

And finally, one of Yi So-yeon on her return to earth after a rather hard landing. (H/T RokDrop)


Mike Staffa said...


my name is Mike Staffa. I am the leader of the Pirates of the Dotombori. Thanks for posting our video and mentioning our website.

We usually perform in Kansai, but we just booked a show up in Tokyo on May 9th (2009). It will be at Akasaka Sacas. We will post more info on our website later, but i thought i'd let you know. The show will be all in Japanese though!

Jon Allen said...

Hi Mike, thanks for dropping by. I'll put the date in my diary.