Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Korean Blogs Ranking

Phil at London Korea links has started an amusing little series of posts about "who's who" in the world of Korean blogs. The Marmot's Hole was described as "Undoubtedly the original and best general-purpose blog about Korea" which Brian of Jellonam Do had a few issues with. It even prompted Robert to defend himself and explain how over 5 years of blogging have left him jaded and tired of the same old issues.

Mark at Korea Pop Wars was delighted to be listed and has written up his own summary of the blogs he likes. Joe at ZenKimchi has given everyone he knows a blog-juice boost with his own list of over a hundred blogs on Korea.

It's interesting to see Elyse Sewell, an American model who moved to Seoul recently, get such a high rating. Judging by the number of comments her journal gets she attracts a very wide audience for her refreshing and honest look at the working life of a model.

I thought I would complete the project I suggested last time I visited the subject of Top 30 Ranked Korean Websites using data from the site Quantcast. Which offers :
a media measurement service that lets advertisers view audience reports on millions of websites and services. Only Quantcast combines directly measured audience data with panel-based estimates to deliver accurate third-party metrics and easy-to-read profiles on digital media properties
I took all the blogs on my blogroll and searched for their ranking, to come up with list below. Bear in mind that the site is almost totally focused on US data, so I don't want to hear any complaints.

www.weirdasianews.com 10,546
popseoul.com 119,095
www.asianoffbeat.com 140,446
www.londonkoreanlinks.net/blog 247,670
www.dramabeans.com 480,187
rokdrop.com 516,780
www.dprkstudies.org 625,425
www.rjkoehler.com 667,267
zenkimchi.com 805,518
koreabeat.com 808,853
freekorea.us 986,470
koreanunification.net 1,983,322
www.nkzone.org 2,734,719


daeguowl said...

So what's my ranking then??

Jon Allen said...

Sorry DO. Still not improved since last time :(

You can add their widget to your site if you really want to get your ranking.
You can then find out things like :

pseudo-rank 2,210,758.
This blog reaches over 1,840 monthly uniques, of which 629 (34%) are in the U.S. The blog is popular among a youthful, slightly more male than female audience.

Quantcast for SeoulMan

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Anonymous said...

Interesting stuff indeed. Try to get here as often as I can - your insight's refreshing.


Kim said...

I Like it