Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Japanese Squirrel

Japanese Squirrel in the heatwave
Japanese Squirrel, originally uploaded by jonallen01966.

We went to the Inokashira park at the weekend. Most of the park is given over to a small zoo. There is a squirrel enclosure where hundreds of these cute little creatures are free to run around. There were record high temperatures and it was just too hot for this one!


Gary said...

That's a fantastic photo Jon! Hope things are going well with you!


Jon Allen said...

Hi Gdog.
Thanks for dropping by.

Yes, things are going very well thanks. I hope the same goes for you too.

Chris said...

That squirrel is..alive??

Jon Allen said...

Hi Chris.
Yes, it was a really hot day, the poor thing was a bit tiried.

It was amusing because most of the squirrels were not affected and were bouncing around the enclosure, there were just a few that were feeling the heat like this one.

Talking of the heat, where the heck did summer go around here?

It's been pouring with rain for the last three days solid! Anyone would think we were back in England!

Anonymous said...

Great photo Jon!