Sunday, October 05, 2008

Korean Olympic Athletes had Secret Weapon

South Korea won a very respectable 13 gold medals in the recent Olympics. But did they partake in any special performance enhancing chemicals? Was Kimchi perhaps the secret of their success or did Bosingtang give them the stamina to last the race? No the truth behind their strong performance is unveiled:

The state-run Korea Ginseng Corp admitted to AFP that Archers and weightlifters received a regular supply of Korean red ginseng.

The herb known as "the root of life" has been cultivated in Korea for 1,500 years and is steadily adding to its fan club overseas.

While it is especially popular among athletes, Koreans in general attribute a variety of powers including stress relief, anti-ageing and even better sexual performance to its light yellow-coloured fleshy roots.

I leave you to draw your own conclusions. Should the Koreans be stripped of their medals? or left to their own delusions.

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Anonymous said...

interesting...but ginseng is available to anyone, not just koreans, who thinks it will "boost" their performance (assuming that it actually does).