Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Photo Quiz Answers

Thank you to everyone who entered the Prize Draw. The winner has been notified and will receive the last Poken I have from the batch of 12 I bought.

I am planning on buying another batch, so expect to hear more about Poken in the future.

Now the answers :

Museum of Maritime Science, Tokyo, Japan

Answer 1: The building is the Museum of Maritime Science (Funenokagakukan).
Situated on the island of Odaiba in Tokyo Bay, this excellent museum holds a large collection of all things nautical. The NY Times reckons you could do the museum in two hours. I've been twice and still not seen half of it.

Rainbow Bridge, from Odaibia, Tokyo Japan

Answer 2: This is the Rainbow Bridge.
Linking the island of Odaiba with the mainland, the Rainbow Bridge was named after its multi coloured illumination . More from the Time Out Guide to Odaiba (The link only seems to work in IE)

Diet Building, Tokyo, Japan

Answer 3: The building is the National Diet Building.
Located at 1-chome, Nagatachō, Chiyoda, Tokyo.
Sessions of the House of Representatives take place in the left wing and sessions of the House of Councillors in the right wing. It was build in the 1930s entirely from indigenous materials. Tours around some areas of the building are available from Monday to Friday. Well worth a visit.

Sakura Daimon , Leading to Imperial Palace, Tokyo , Japan

Answer 4: Sakura Daimon leading to the Imperial Palace.

Statue of Hachiko, Outside Shibuya station, Tokyo, Japan

Answer 5: The dog is named Hachiko and his statue stands outside Shibuya station. Hachiko and his master Prof. Uyeno, were inseparable friends. Each day "Hachi" would accompany his master to the train station when he left for work. Upon returning, the professor would find the dog patiently waiting. One fateful day in 1925 the professor was taken ill at the university and sadly died before he could return home. Hachiko waited patiently at the station for his return that day and the next. He continued his daily vigil for over ten years, becoming well known to the commuters passing through the station, until he passed away on the same spot he last saw his friend alive. [Abridged version of the full story from here.]

I hope you enjoyed the quiz. I may run another one. Any input is welcomed.


zaou said...

Hey Jon,

Thanks for holding a photo quiz. They're always fun ^o^

I was wondering if you could announce the winner. I kinda worry about things heading to spam mail.

Jon Allen said...

Hi Zaou,
Thank you very much for entering. Sorry you didn't win. I'll check to see if the winner would like any publicity or not.

zaou said...

Heya back,

Nah, it's cool. I like trivia - I didn't even know about the Maritime Musuem or Diet building until the quiz; so much for touring Tokyo. If it was the Asahi golden beer drop, that woulda been easy ^^