Monday, July 30, 2007

Another K-Bloggers Meet up Aug 5th

Due to popular demand I have arranged another Korean bloggers meet up.
Sunday August 5th
from 6pm onwards
at the Wolfhound, Irish Pub Itaewon.

Jes from Deeper Shade of Seoul, Expat Jane and Joe from ZenKimchi are coming so far.

Everyone is welcome, bloggers, commenters, lurkers and your friends and family. We'll have a drink or two and a laugh.

To get to the Wolfhound : go to Itaewon subway station on line 6. Come out at exit 4.

Turn 180 degrees (as the man is doing above) and walk round the corner of the crossroads.

Then turn immediately first right, going down the hill (avoiding the yound lad with the puppy).

The Wolfhound is on your right after about 50 meters. The pub is on 2F and 3F, we will be on 2F on the sofas to the right of the bar, I hope unless someone else bags them first.

I'm looking forward to meeting a few more of you.


Anonymous said...

Wow, this time there are even pictures with the directions. Good luck in Japan. I still need to contact Mr. Virgin, I mean Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson, to collect my $25 million for saving the planet.

Aaron said...

I'd like to attend, but I have finals next week and wonder - given my general malaise this term - how much I should push my luck. I'd better not commit just yet, but neither will I say no.

daeguowl said...

I'll try to come father-in-law is up though so I'll have to see whether I can sneak off...

Regina said...

Can we bring guests?

No guarantee that I will, but I'm a horribly social creature.

expat-advisory said...

Folks I have added this here.
Keep me updated.

Jon Allen said...

John: good luck with Mr Branson.
Aaron: good luck with the exams.
Daeugowl: good luck with the FiL, bring him along :)
Jane: Yes , please bring guests. The more the merrier.
Anthony: Thanks for the forum posting.

I've also posted it in the flickr Korean photos group so we may get a photographer or two as well.
See you all Sunday.

Aaron said...

Doubt I make it, but I'll do my best to rally the troops for you...