Monday, August 06, 2007

Free Furniture in Seoul

The Korea Bloggers meetup last night was a resounding success. I was delighted that so many people showed up. There was Jes, ExpatJane, Matt, Daeguowl, ZenKimchi; the bloggers; Derek, Suzanne, Joon, YoungDoo, Bill, Vicky, Stephanie, Isaac and David from flickr; and Kurt, Henny, Torento (sp?) and Joe who were friends of the aforementioned. I was delighted to meet you all. The photographers amongst us were very busy taking photos all evening, so if you check out some of the members photos you may recognize a few people.

In the excitement of so many people I completely forgot to mention the fact that we have some furniture to give away before we move out. We have offered it to several people, but no one has committed to taking it away yet.

Update: All the furniture has been found a home.


daeguowl said...

Define electric it an electric whisk, a blender or a food processor? If it's the latter I'd be interested...if either of the former I'm set.

daeguowl said...

And my wife fancies the lamps...

ZenKimchi said...

I had a super fine time. I can't wait until the next meet.

Also, did I walk out on my tab? I have a funny feeling that I drank more than was paid for. I will rectify any discrepancies.

Regina said...

Tisk, Tisk Joe! Er, aka Tab Dasher!

As for the stuff, well my apartment is very well furnished with a random selection of odds and ends. In fact, I inherited a lot when the foreigners in the basement moved home ("foreigners in the basement" - sounds like a horror movie, no?)

However, if there is a waiting list for the lamps put me on it. If they're taken, I'll have to deal with it :( I'll hop a cab over to Yeouido in a flash to get them. I should head to Costco for a run anyway and I've got to clear out my locker at Ewha and return an overdue library book or I won't be graduating in a couple of weeks!

daeguowl said...

Jane, we could split the lamps and take one each...or do you think they would be lonely that way?

Jon Allen said...

Daeguowl, ExpatJane.
Apologies, all the furniture has now been spoken for.

Joe: I didn't settle up any final bill at the end of the night. Looks like you are off the hook.

Who's going to organise the next one?

Aaron said...

Judging by the pictures I seem to have missed a good one.

Do we all have to go to Tokyo for the next rendezvous, or is someone Seoul-side going to organize one?