Thursday, August 30, 2007

I'm A Seoul Man, In Tokyo

We arrived safely in Tokyo last week and moved into our new house. Today J:COM installed our internet and telephone connection. It has taken a week from first contact. Not quite as fast and efficient as KT were when we arrived in Korea, but just as easy.

The commute to work is quite acceptable: 4 minutes walk to the local station, three stops to Shibuya, then one stop on the Yamanote line. I've barely got time to read more than a few pages of the Japan Times newspaper. I've observed that the total fare deducted from my Suica card for the two journeys is 240 Yen. In the morning both journeys are 120 Yen each, but in the evening the Yamanote trip is only 110 Yen, but the Inokashira line trip is 130 Yen. Strange.

The Koreans will be pleased with a letter to the editor in yesterdays paper from William Wetherall reminding the Japanese how much they owe to their friends across The sea that we still can't agree a name for.


Anonymous said...

What are you working as in Tokyo? I was always interested in working as a I.T project manager in Japan but I thought not having the language would pose a big problem.

Anonymous said...

hey jon

i am moving from seoul to tokyo as well. late october.

i am curious how you went about finding an apartment?

Guano Island

Chris Gelken said...

Hello Jon, hope you're settling down and enjoying Japan.. A week wait for internet? We have been waiting two months here in Tehran to get our ADSL connected at home.. still on a dial up.. a real "slow" trip down memory lane!