Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Japanese Tee shirt slogans

It was about this time last year, after a month in Korea, that I posted an item about Korean Tee shirts, with a photo of my all time favourite: The Convex Magnum Opes.

The Japanese also go in for Tee shirts with English slogans. Most of them are slightly more intelligible than some I saw in Korea, but not much.

This one would have been very amusing on a young lady:

Young Japanese lad with the slogan: Stop looking at my T*Ts you W**Ker

I didn't have the heart to ask the young man what he thought his Tee shirt might be about.

If he was wearing it in Peterborough, England he might have risked a fine, as this chap did for wearing a strongly worded Tee shirt.


daeguowl said...

I saw the following slogan on a tshirt the other day:

"My boyfriend is like a hamburger, he tastes good when I eat him."

and the lady looked so prim and proper too.

Lisa said...

In Asakusa I saw a girl with a shirt that said:


I have no idea what that means.