Sunday, September 30, 2007

Yamanote line station chimes

We've been slowly exploring Tokyo by subway and JR Line railways since we arrived. I noticed that each station seemed to play a different "chime" over the loud speaker after a train arrives. I had thought it would interesting to try and collect recordings of each tune but, not surprisingly, some one has got there before me.These are the chimes for all the Yamanote line stations. The station names are all in Kanji, but if you translate them though google it gets about three quarters of them correctly, (but then the links to the chimes don't work so use the first link). The correct station names are here.

My favourite is Ebisu (Translated as "The god of wealth" on the list). What's your favourite?

Thanks to Gaijin Girl, who wrote an interesting blog on her life in Japan but has just left the country, for the link.


Lisa said...

I love the Yamanote line! I have a Google alert set up to send me news about it, that's how I found your blog. My husband and I were in Japan in August '06 and plan to go back in February '08 (for business, otherwise we'd pick a more agreeable time of the year, weather-wise). I hope you're enjoying your time there -- I am so jealous -- and please write about it! A lot!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I am repeatedly listening to the chime of Yoyogi station(代々木) where a little guest house I stayed for six months located near by. And the chime of in Harajuku(原宿)& Shibuya (渋谷)station where the most hanging out places located for me. Ahh, I miss all the good times, bars, cafes, restaurant, clubs and friends.Ahh, I miss all those cozy bars, cafes, restaurants, and friends. Good times and good memories. Thank you for the link Jon! And hope you to have a great time in Tokyo.

Anonymous said...

Correction: And the chime of in Harajuku(原宿)& Shibuya (渋谷)station where the most hanging out places located for me. -> only Shibuya... Hope to listen one for Harajuku. ^^