Monday, October 08, 2007

Korea Top News

Here's a new website I've just come across Korean Top News. It's a bit like Digg but dedicated to Korean news. You don't have to register to vote for your favourite story, but if you do register you can discuss the stories posted.

They have subscribed to lots of Korean blogs and some news feeds so there are automatically plenty of stories to view. PopSeoul and K-Popped seem to feature a lot, so I'm sure Rain fans will soon find the site and vote stories on him up to the top of the list soon.

It's part of the I choson Networks group which is based in the US and dedicated to Lifestyle, Entertainment and Culture for Korean Americans.


Gary said...

Neat website, nice layout too. I've come across it before but never really got glued to it. Nevertheless, good work on letting us know about it!

Anonymous said...

That's a nice change. It can be a huge hassle having to register for all those social bookmarking sites.

Melissa Donovan,
Writing for Writers

Sunkyoung said...

Even though you are no longer in Seoul, you are keen in keeping the connection, which amazes me. It's really interesting to read see some different point of views on Korean's ordinary days.