Monday, March 10, 2008

The Rock Bands of Yoyogi Park

Spring has finally arrived in Tokyo and the parks are now very popular places to be. On Sunday while walking round Yoyogi park, the sounds of loud music caught my attention. Along the path from Shibuya gate there were plenty of bands playing some really great music.

This group Majellyca were cranking out some heavy rock tracks.

H.U.T. were playing their heart out just a few meters further up the path:

This was my favourite band. The Chocolate Chip Cookies . I couldn't understand the lyrics, but the tunes were very catchy.
Benchmark Cafe put their heart and soul into their performance.
This is Hyper Kitty Hyper:
All the bands put on some great performances for those passing by. If you are interested in live Rock music, I recommend a walk along this path on a Sunday afternoon.


jw said...

Wow that's great. That's another whole level of freedom being nurtured, enjoyed, shared and loved. That's beautiful.

Reminds me of when I was being dragged around the Kansai area for a week or so, and we made it to somewhere... it may well have been Osaka... but anyway there was a jazz festival on that day. Leaving some random shopping mall there was a really impressive ragtime band, complete with banjo, straw hats and red and white stripped shirts. Around another corner was a group completely of a girl's high-school jazz trumpeters. Along the road a bit was something else full on going on - you get the scene? - Japan sure loves the great variety of musics.

Jon Allen said...

Hi Julian,
Thanks for dropping by.

There certainly is plenty of music going on in Japan. I'll try and capture more of the atmosphere during the Summer.

Anonymous said...

You have a very nice blog men! Keep rockin'