Thursday, October 01, 2009

Happy Sake Day

I just discovered that today, October 1st, is Sake Day or 'Nihonshu Hi' as it called here. There's a Publicity page in the Japan Times with three articles extolling the virture of the traditional brewed beverage. ( Update : The supplement is now available as a PDF from their website: Sake Day Special).

One of the items is from Timothy Sullivan of who was on my blog roll for a long time. He lives in the US and is one of only 17 Sake Samurai in the world. Probably the only other Gaijin Sake Samurai is John Gaunter of whose sake course we went on last year. ( The pictures are on but my account has expired and you can't see them at the moment! )

There's an article about Born a brewery in Sabae, Fukui prefecture. They offer a range of high quality brands available in many countries around the world. Also included is a piece from Yoshimore Tomi in California, owner of the Japanese restaurant Sushi Ran. He will be celebrating Sake Day with an outdoor kagamiwari :'sake-barrel breaking ceremony', which sounds like fun.

Where ever you are in the world, have a drop of decent Junmai Daiginjo and toast with me 'Sake Day'.


30nema31 said...

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Thomas Hammerlund said...

Oh no! I missed it.

I'd better make up for it ... starting tonight.

Joshua Zimmerman said...

While Japanese sake is awesome, you need to check out Japanese Scotch. Places up in Hokkaido are producing some great stuff.

(Also, there is a great Sake Festival every october in Hiroshima. Now thats a place to check out a lot of sake.

bathmate said...

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