Saturday, December 04, 2010

My Life as a Yoga Guinea Pig - Jala Neti

Most married men are subject to the whims of their (sometimes insane) wives, and I am no exception. You see the wife teaches yoga and there has been no peace for the last year whilst I resolutely refused to practise Jala Neti ( saline nasal irrigation ) for the simple reason that a. it was horrible and b. nothing (good) happened.

In yoga circles "good" is defined as water going in one nostril and then flowing Ganges-like through the other nostril under the pull of gravity or whatever.

I started my feeble efforts about a year ago but some beaver-like log-jam deep inside my sinuses prevented any fluid from emerging. Then, about three weeks ago ( and for no particular reason ) I decided to give it another go. This was about the third time and you know what they say ..

The Niagara effect did indeed manifest but only from left to right nostril; a two-way flow was only established on the fourth attempt.

To finish : Since my jala neti epiphany I have not gone around sniffing at everything, nor have I become a wine expert, but I AM breathing rather well.

If you want to subject yourself to similar (ill) treatment, contact and see YogaSan


Anonymous said...

hello there..i would like to be friend with follow me back since im still new in blogging world..thanks..btw, i do love korean..

R vin said...

You are a lucky guy for having to taste life in Seoul and Tokyo. Two of the most stunning cities we've visited.

Rebecca Merry said...

My mom-in-law is a netti pusher too! Does help a bit with sinus pain, but still not as good as old fashion drugs!