Saturday, February 05, 2011

Google thinks I'm Transport for London

This blog has been a bit thin recently, I've been spending far too much of my time on my other hobby of maintaining the JapanBlogList which ends up with me visiting a lot of other blogs and generally getting nothing else much done. If I'm not reading other people's blogs I'm posting random stuff on Facebook to amuse my friends such as The Chihuahua pulling a sled from Japanprobe, "Hug your wife day" from Japanalooza, the link between Pink tentacle posting an article on LED Smiles on Jan 17th, which got picked up the NY times on the 21st Jan and the Guardian on the 25th Jan as real craze , but swiftly debunked by the Japan Times on the 30th Jan.

My favorite was the 'incident writeup' for a recent problem when shinkansen trains were halted for more than an hour. seems they forgot to update some hard coded limits in the scheduling system. ( But then I am in IT, and part of my job is incident write ups to explain to our users what happened when things went wrong.)

But for a change, for no good reason this evening, I thought I would see if anyone does still bother to visit this blog. Heading over to trusty Google analytics I was surprised to see a steady stream of visitor's averaging around 100 per day. But what is most confusing is when I looked to see the key words they come for :

top 10 search terms for my blog

"TFL Map" TFL Tube Map, London Underground Map... and other variations account for eight out of the top ten hits.

Sure enough if you do a google search for TFL Map, in the section of images, the link on the first image of the underground map is a link to a post I did in 2007 titled "Seoul on the Jubilee Line"

In the post I had a link to a diagram showing all the cities which have, are building or are planning to construct an urban rail sytstem, arranged in the style of the London Tube map. I also included a link to the real map on the TFL Website to compare. So how come my blog rates higher than the real TFL site for their own image? Go figure.


Japan Australia said...

Google works in strange ways sometimes!!

Michael said...

Ah, so you maintain JapanBlogList :). I was wondering if there was a basic list of blogs already on the list over there? I was trying to browse it the other day for suggestions but couldn't find any. It seems to only show a list of the newest posts from various blogs, stretching all the way down the page.

Michael said...

Ah, never mind. It seems to have changed now. I still reckon you should do a page where you list the blogs with a brief description or keywords to help people searching though :)

Jon Allen said...

Hi Michael,
thanks for the comments, I would certainly like to organise the list better and provide more details on the blogs on the list.

But it's quite a task, with just short of 300 blogs listed so far and more being submitted all the time, I'm only just able to keep up..

Marie said...

I am starting to wonder if the real reason why Google is not more transparent as to how it indexes pages is not simply because it is a bit dodgy :) Good for you though!

And thanks for the Japan Blog List!