Sunday, October 07, 2012

Chinkabashi (Sinking bridges)

The shimanto river is famous for a particular kind of bridge called Chinkabashi : Sinking or Subsidence bridge. They are designed so that the river can flow over the bridge during high water. (I've just discovered from Wikipedia they could also be called Low water crossing rather than Submersible bridge as that implies that the bridge actually moves to submerge itself) The southern most bridge of this type on the Shimanto river is the Sada bridge.
Further upriver was the Takase bridge :
And this is what they look like when the river is over the top at Katsuma:
We almost did not get to see these bridges but I am glad that in the end we did. We walked over the first one, and the sensation of the river being so close and the power of the rushing water was quite an exhilarating experience. Standing on the edge while the cars pass is also not for the faint hearted.

There are more photos of what they look like when not covered in water in this forum thread and on the Japanese Wikipedia page for Chinkabashi (沈下橋)


Akazuki Japanese goods shop said...

I know the same kind of place in France...You always think about the moment you're going to be in trouble!
thanks for sharing! I'd like to see that

Julie said...

Golly. I'm speechless on this one. Can't believe it.