Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bloglovin' and blogging

I'm doing the regular(ish) JapanBloglist 'latest blogs added' post today and I keep on seeing links to this BlogLovin' website, so I thought I'd sign up. Please  Follow my blog with Bloglovin.  It seems I already have one follower which is a nice surprise!

Big shout out Diamond Geezer and thanks for the link back to this humble blog.  Every year DG does a report on what blogs link to him. Last year I was rightly dropped off his list due to my lack of posting. He is one the reasons I started blogging back in 2006, but I have never been able to match his prose, style and 100% reliability in posting every single day since he started in in 2002: Yes, over ten years of blogging. I agree with his observation about how many blogs these days have abandoned the bloglist as a way providing links for readers to their favorite blogs, however I disagree with his observation that the number of bloggers is decreasing. I continue to get new blogs submitted to The Japan Blog List, there is usually at least three or four a week.

In other blogging news I've been helping Rick start up Tokyo Hometown. He approached me via Japan Blog List looking for some help to setup a blog and I volunteered to help him get started. He has got some interesting anecdotes and photos about life in Tokyo. He does not want comments, which I have so far been unable to change his mind on, so if you want to give him any feedback you have to find his email address on his 'about' page.
Update : He has changed his mind and now allows comments!

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Julie said...

Your posts do give me hope that one day I'd be as good as you.