Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ginza Art Gallery tour

I have enjoyed the Improv comedy shows from The Pirates of Tokyo Bay on several occasions and every time I go I always buy some raffle tickets for the prize draw they hold each time. The last time I went to What the Dickens to enjoy the show, I was delighted to win a free voucher from the team for an Art Gallery tour in Ginza. It made a nice change to take a half day off work and spend it visiting six different art galleries earlier this afternoon.

Our tour guide Yoko selected a range of galleries to visit that cover a variety of different styles. One of my favorites was the Shukado gallery. In contrast to the other galleries, where the paintings are hanging on the walls, here we were treated to examine some fine Ukiyoe prints carefully extracted from storage. The gallery assistant explained that collectors have to keep the wood block prints away from light to prevent them fading. There were some Views of Mt Fuji from the famous artist Utagawa Hiroshige, and other prints including one with a giant spider which was very striking.

At another gallery the walls were filled with the works of André Cottavoz. Now there's an artist that really laid it on with a trowel. I casually enquired about the price of the one of the, almost three-dimensional, works of art: it was 2.7million Yen. The gallery owner also admitted that the price had come down from the previous price tag of 3.2 million yen. For Cottavoz, who died recently, it seems death has not brought on a increase in the price of his paintings.

In the final gallery we visited, three of Lee Mingwei's installations are on display. The works were not for-sale, I leave it to your imagination why that is so.

Our guide was friendly and enthusiastic. If you were a tourist visiting Tokyo with limited time and a very keen interest in purchasing art, I think she would be helpful in locating galleries and talking with the staff. For residents: have a wander around Ginza, drop into some of the over 200 galleries and let me know what you see.


Sappyla said...

I am enjoying your posts, as they're giving me an idea of things to do and see in Japan when I finally move over,Keep up the good work!

Unknown said...

Moshiwakenai. Daga koko ni iru no wa tanonde itai koto ga aru. Warawanaidekure.
Watashi wa... nantodemo, doshite mo, Houshonin hitsuyo da! Daga sore dake to yakusoku no da! Mewaku ni kakenai, wasure demo yoi, tada benkyo shitearu dake. Nandodemo suru.
I have how keep myself and I communicate in english as well. Nanimo shippai koto wa nai.
Shikashi, sore inakereba Nihon ni ikerarenai.
Atashi machigaeta koto ga ata, dakara sore wa saigo no chansu no da.
Sorenagara, tanomu onegaishimasu!
Tada kotaetekureba ii, donna kotae demo, nanimo shinakute ii... Tada kotaete kureba yoi.

Dakara, mo ichido, Onegaishimasu!

Unknown said...

Hi Jon, interesting blogs! Keep up the good work.