Friday, September 07, 2012

Lawrys Akasaka Tokyo

Went for some prime Rib this evening at Lawry's Akasaka Tokyo. We all went for the 'Party Course' menu. Tempting little non meat starters of Salmon and shrimp, the 'spun salad' ( way too much dressing for my liking) and the soup came first to make the mouth water. Then the huge famous meat trolley comes round :

The meat was very tender and tasty. What was surprising, for such an American based eatery, was the Yorkshire pudding. To finish was an 'English Trifle'. The yanks at the table were perplexed by the name, and the Brits at the table were equally confused when the small portion of sponge cake arrived. But hey who knows what an English Trifle really should taste like in Tokyo?

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