Thursday, December 21, 2006

Christmas present from Skype

I just saw yesterday that skype are offering free international phone calls from Korea to the United States and Japan for a limited time during the holiday season.

From Dec. 23 to Jan. 3, calls made to the two countries will be free, regardless of whether the call is made to a fixed-line phone or cellular phone. No separate application is required during the offer because computers will automatically detect if calls are made from Korea.

I'm not sure if that applies to Canda too, is it clever enough to figure out which area codes are Canadian and charge for them? I can't see anything on the skype website about it at the moment.

For those who've not got onto the bandwagon: nip out to your local electrical shop and buy yourself a headset (or order one online), download the free software from skype, (available for all platforms) create a skype account, and start calling over the internet for free. You can also send SMS messages, use the text chat feature and make video calls with the latest versions on windows operating system.

You can also call normal fixed line and cell phone numbers if you purchase skype credit. Calls cost a fraction of normal phone rates, however I have had many complaints of poor quality sound for the receiver, which is a real shame as I have always been able to hear the other party perfectly well.

For the full package you can purchase an incoming phone number to allow non skypers to call you. They have just launched this service in Korea, so you can have a Korean number. It also allows you to create a voicemail box, or have calls forwarded to a mobile or fixed line number.

So what have you got to lose? Go ahead and

Skype Me™!

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