Friday, December 08, 2006

It's a small world

Everyone has their "It's a small world" story. Here's a small one for today.

I was at the Seoul City Club last night for the European Chamber of Commerce Korea and the Europe Korea Foundation Networking event. I've not been to one of these before, but since I met the Marketing Manager for the EECK at the Pudding Club event, I've been on their mailing list, and this party sounded too good to miss. While everyone else there was introducing themselves and the company they work for, I was there just representing myself. When I introduced myself to a group of British and American expats and explained how I'm a house husband, one of them asked if I wrote a blog. When I replied that I did, he asked if I'd left a comment on his blog, and, sure enough, in my exploration of Korean blogs I'd stumbled upon Steve's Seoul Blog and commented on how great minds think alike, as he uses the same blogger template that I do!

And in the interests of networking here are some of the people I met: There was Peter from The Writer's Ink he wrote a book on Idioms and was telling me how hard it is get anything published. I said I know, my father writes a blog about it Grumpy Old Bookman; Tom from Soft Landing he writes in the Korea Times on high tech companies in Korea; Lisa from Hodo Tour Company she is going to sort out a skiiing trip for me when some friends come over next month. If you need an English speaking travel agent in Seoul she can help; Mr Kim from Kotra; Niall an Irishman from the University of Seoul; Jerry from Telus he is working on bringing Blackberry to Korea, the pilot is going well I understand; Steven from Chevron; Michael an architect from Parsons Brinckerhoff; and BJ a graphic designer from F-Emotion. It was a great party, I drank plenty of vodka but amazingly I am not hung over this morning! Has anyone got any Small world stories to share?

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Gary said...

I love those expat parties, they are a bunch of fun. Sounds like you had a good time Jon!! You're famous! ;)