Friday, January 12, 2007

Caught up with the Korea blogs

I've finally caught up with all the blogs I read after coming back from snowboarding. NewsNetWire tells me there are 61 feeds I'm currently subscribed to, 43 of them are Korean, and that does not include those that don't have RSS feeds.

Gdog at The Daily Kimchi had a great holiday in UAE, plenty of pictures of food as always. Daegueowl at Kimchi for Breakfast has taken down the Christmas decorations (unlike the rest of Korea where the Christmas lights are all still on) and is looking for a job over here. I don't have any leads at the moment. Fencerider 's diet is still going well, he has not eaten too much at Christmas. Mary at MaryEats has left Korea to go to Seattle and is training to be a Chef, she says she will continue to keep up the blog about Korean food.

The Marmot , Lost Nomad , ROK Drop and Richardson have been busy keeping up with the news as always. You can hear The Marmot talking about his blog on a podcast over at the Metropolitician. Michael was getting very excited about the new Apple iPhone, until someone pointed out that the prototype presented is GSM only and Korea uses a totally different system. By the time they get that launched in June a Korean version is most likely more than 12 to 18 months away, if ever.

Gerry Bevers at Occidentalism had a pretty lousy Christmas. His university has not renewed his contract after his blogging about 'The islands whose name we dare not mention for risk of offending the locals'. The number of comments on this subject at The Marmots hole has just surpassed 500.

Stafford at The Chosun Bimbo has just moved to Seoul from Nonsan. He's settling in to his new apartment and started a new job. Mark at KoreaPopWars has all the latest stats on the Korean Cinema. I discovered Erkin was one of the thousands watching the first sunrise of the New Year over Korea. Jeff is getting better and showed pictures of the damage his bike suffered. He showed some sympathy for Nathan's three stitches. Max went snowboarding at YongPyong too, but did not seem to enjoy it as much as I did. Jodi has had plenty of interesting things to say already this year.

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