Friday, August 10, 2007

Top 30 ranked Korean Sites

I spotted a list of the top 20 Most popular Japanese websites on Ken's blog What Japan Thinks, which gave me the idea to do the same for Korean sites.

Following his methodology I downloaded the list of the top one million sites from Quantcast and searched for various Korean related words including Korea, Seoul, Kimchi, any domain ending in .kr and I included the English language sites that I am aware of. I filtered out the adult content sites and came up with this list of the thirty highest ranked sites on Korea.

Update : Thanks to Gdog for pointing out I forgot what is actually THE top ranking korean site : Cyworld!

14252 cyworld.comHome of the mini-hompi
23405 naver.comThe two biggest Korean portals are popular in the US as well by the looks of it.
25986 chosun.comChosun Ilbo newspaper
36657 A huge site about the war
37930 The airline
40836 Dave's ESL cafe. The hangout of a lot of teachers.
47295 Broadcasting company.
49606 donga.comDong-A Ilbo newspaper
55900 commercial site of some sort.
56209 National university
56614 lifeinkorea.comPopular site with a lot of tourist information
56819 korean-war.comAnother war site
57748 worldcupjapankorea.comHasn’t been updated since the 2002 Japan/Korea World Cup, but must have been heavily linked to when it was on.
60731 tour2korea.comKorea National Tourism Organisation
73997 hankooki.comKorean newspaper with English section on the website
77368 koreandrama.orgA blog in English with "Details, Synopsis, Cast and other info of all Korean Drama TV Series"
80311 Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
80773 very high in the rankings
81855 koreatimes.comEnglish language newspaper
83797 koreanfilm.orgProvides a wide-ranging introduction to Korean cinema.
84343 small commercial website
91736 broadcaster
92195's Korean presence
92289 koreadaily.comEnglish Language newspaper
102197 hankooktireusa.comHankook Tires
104207 Another war site
107369 National University
111793 Auction site
123827 trailing MSN
128346 theseoultimes.comThe Seoul Times

Interesting list. The newspapers do well, the war is popular and the only blog is one I've not heard of before! Are there any sites I've missed out?


Gary said...

Wow, I see you took some time to compile this comprehensive list! Where is Cyworld? I would assume it would be ranked pretty high...

Anonymous said...

With so many people traveling by train, where is the KTX/Korail site on the list? I would think it would even be higher on the list than Hanbook Tires and even Korean Air.

Jon Allen said...

Thanks Gdog. How could I forget the top ranking site of them all?

John. korail and barota are nowhere to be seen in the top one million.
With the new korail site not able to handle English any more, it will get even few visits from the US.

daeguowl said...

So can you tell me what position my blog comes in at?

Jon Allen said...

Daeguowl. the site says :
"Sorry, we don't have enough data to profile that site."

My blog is ranked 2,114,062.
For comparison The Marmots hole is ranked 415,661

I was considering doing the research to get the rankings for the K-blogs.
For those not in the top one million it would have to be manual.
I'll see what I can do.

Anonymous said...

Was this really posted from the future? :p

Jon Allen said...

Oops. Well spotted CM.
Now fixed, also added a border to make the formatting a little clearer.

daeguowl said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the nice post.

Anonymous said...

Great job compiling this list! Do you know of any Korean sites in English? I've always wanted to learn more of Korean culture but I can't read Korean.

Anonymous said...

Add the biggest auction market in Korea to your list:

Jon Allen said...

Thanks for the extra link Hammerwords.

However, Quantcast is a very US centric data collecting site. Since I would guess 99% of all gmarket's traffic is Korean, and very very little outside Korea it actually ranks very low in the Quancast league table due to the way it collects it's data.

Anonymous said...

In fact there is a site is getting alot of Korean go there for meeting English.

Serket said...

Here is a list of top sites with the kr domain:

Sometimes visitors come to my blog after a search on Naver.

Jon Allen said...

Hi Serket.
Thanks for the link.
Interesting that the top ranking site they have is the
Korean Football assoc.

None of the ones in my list are on their list. I guess due to the way each site collects stats.
The Quantcast site is very US centric which may explain the differences.

aiva said...

thanks for sharing... very useful...