Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Tomo Today

We all know Web 2.0 is where it's at. FaceBook, Mixi, Myspace and all the other Social Networking Sites are the hottest thing. Building your network, adding friends and followers to all the different site can become a full time job.

If you are new to this technology, where do you start? Especially in Japan where it's all work and no time for play when do you have time? What if there was a service that would help you build your network quickly and easily ? Step forward: Tomo Today

Tomotoday logo

"We provide a short cut to a substantial social-media presence," Horauchi said last week in an exclusive interview with The Japan Times. In short, TomoToday will friend you left, right and center, and follow wherever you wish to go.

When the service officially launches on May 1, TomoToday subscribers will be able to choose from strategically selected sets of virtual friends, dubbed "InstaNakama," tailor-made to nurture the user's desired online identity.

Say you're a shy young man, in need of pointers and ice-breaking intros. The Wingumen are at your service. Or perhaps you're a recently single woman between relationships. Horauchi recommends the Ikemen-tachi, a handsome mix of flirtatious beaus.

Other readymade TomoToday circles include: Jetto Setto (multilingual friends from all over the globe); OB-Gun (long-lost school chums); Power Ranchers (for the corporate networks); and Geek Gumi (for socially challenged otaku).

TomoToday is still in beta-testing and the company asked that the site URL not be publicized until the site launches in May. Please watch this space for updates.

Yeah right. Nice one Japan Times and if you need more facebook friends, just remember what the date is today.


Ourmani Nabiko said...
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Our Man in Abiko said...

Our Man completely missed the April 1 thing. Dang, hate being so busy. Too pissed to get the subtlety, but think this is an April Fool, no?