Sunday, January 20, 2008

Romanization of Hanguel

Thanks to a comment on Gdogs Daily Kimchi I found Jin Park's blog. The Winter Sunlight. He is doing research into the Romanization of the Korean alphabet (Hanguel). It's a subject I'm sure a lot of westerners are interested in, so if you'd like to help Mr Park out, check out his blog.

My comment was that one thing the government should do is focus on getting everyone to use the same romanization system everywhere.

It's no good the Korea Herald writing Pusan, while everyone else is calling it Busan.

I understand it took a while to change over to the "new system" released a few years ago, but now you have a system please stick with just the one. Any debate about changing it will just confuse everyone.

Korean is difficult to pronounce because westerners are not familiar with it. The romanization is not the problem, because however we say "Bang" or "Pang" (as in "PC Bang") it never sounds correct to Koreans because the sound of the first syllabale is somewhere between the two.

Go over to his blog more discussion on Romanization.



You have a most interesting blog, Jon.

SeoulBuffoon said...

Hope you have not lost interest in updating this blog, and are just busy.It sure was interesting...

Jon Allen said...

Thanks Tor.
Buffoon: no not lost interest, just got busy!