Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Travel Journalist required to go to Korea

I just got this in a newsletter from Seoul Selection which may be of interest:

The Magazine Seoul Selection is looking for reporters and writers who can contribute pieces on Seoul's travel and culture scene to major global media.

Seoul Selection
is currently bidding for a Seoul Metropolitan Government program to help foreign media cover the city, and we welcome any story suggestions from foreign journalists, regardless of nationality and language.

Selected journalists will come to Seoul for a one-week stay, and be provided with any and all support they require, including airfare, accommodation and interpreters.

Please send your story idea, name of your media company, resume and a story sample to hank < at >, preferably by Jan 21. Even if we fail to win the bid, we will convey your ideas to the city. If you'd like some assistance with story ideas, please ask by email.

I wish them luck in their presentation.


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daeguowl said...

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Jon Allen said...

Many thanks indeed for the translation.

Thanks for dropping by.
I took a look at your site, but I'm sorry can't understand any of it. Still, I'm glad you found this blog.

Aaron said...

Great title for this post. I can imagine the poor reporter rolling his eyes and saying, "Oh Christ, not Korea."

Jon Allen said...

Thanks Aaron.
I can see from a recent post over at the marmot's
that they are still looking for such a person!