Sunday, January 13, 2008

Naked Korean News and Comedy too

The Japan Times today carries the news that Naked News (NSFW) is launching a Korean version of its popular service. ( The story does not seem to be on their website, and their advanced search option has not been updated to include 2008 so here's the story from )

In my last post on Korean blogs I mentioned The Yangpa blog without having visited it recently. When I got around to checking it, I discovered that blog has stopped posting, but The Original Yangpa Blog has started posting again. So, update your bookmarks, blog links and news readers to point to the new site to read more about how the new trans Korea canal will sponsored by Chanel:

The previously unnamed canal will be named Le Chanel de Asia OR Chanel no.1,2,3,4, or 6…..pending negotiations.

and the extra E2 visa requirements demanded by some Korean provinces for teachers, including the One minute breath holding requirement.

Another update is that Joe Mondello, previously at Paintroller, has returned to Korea to study and moved his blog from to wordpress Joshing Gnome

Another piece of good news for those with Apple MACs is that News Net Wire, the RSS reader, is now available for free. I switched to using Google News reader when my license ran out after the first year because I was planning to use a PC, but moving back to News Net Wire is a big improvement on Google.

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