Saturday, July 08, 2006

July 7th and all that

Everyone else today seems to have blogged about
July 7th this morning, so I thought I'd make a few
comments. I remember this day last year
very well. I was already at work when the news started
coming in. There are a number of TVs in the office showing
the news channels and it was a very strange feeling,
watching the news as it came in, minute by minute,
about such terrible events happening so close to home.
It was impossible to concentrate on anything else during the day.

I called The Bat to let her know I was safe,
but she had not, at that point, seen the news and was unaware.
With the tube network suspended I ended up walking
home, meeting The Bat half way where we stopped for
a drink.

The next day I was back on the Tube to get
to work and have never had second thoughts about
using public transport. You cannot let this type of
event change your behaviour.

On a much lighter note, a couple of other Tube related links.
Congratulations Tom Scott of Dulwich village who
is retiring this month after nearly 48 years working
for London Underground. Starting as an apprentice
in the signals department he rose through the ranks
to station manager at Clapham Common. He worked
at other stations and ending his career as Duty Train
Manager for the Bakerloo line.
How many people these days expect to work
for the same organisation all their working life?

There was another link I wanted to add
about the man who cleans the ventilation
shafts on the Underground. But I can't find the
article at the moment. It was in the Times Magazine
July 1st. Can I find it on their site? No.

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