Sunday, July 02, 2006

Setting up the blog

Setting up the blog has been very easy indeed.

I read a couple of pages about starting a blog
and decided the quickest and most simple way was
to use a free service. I may be a computer programmer
but I try and leave that to work time only.
So I've settled on Blogger which is free and,
as I have discovered, easy to use.
But I discovered that adding pictures does not
work with Mozilla my browser of choice,
so I have to move to IE for that part.

Adding links to other blogs I read was easy. Welcome :
Diamond Geezer who covers all sorts of topics on life in London;
Grumpy Old Bookman My father's blog about writing;
Annie Mole on Commuting in London on the Underground;
Geoff who has just left London to start a new life in America;
Tom Reynolds Life as an EMT in East London;
Mike Myers on working in the Ambulance Control Centre.

Today I've just added a sitemeter
so I can see if anyone ever visits and the latest step
has been to create an RSS feed. A quick Google led
me to Feedburner. It gave me a choice of Atom 0.3
or RSS 2.0, and I soon learned the difference.
So I've chosen Atom, and created the feed.
Finding the code to add a link was a little
more tricky, but I think I found it.
Let me know what you think.

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