Wednesday, July 05, 2006

What's Korea like then?

Good Question. I don't know much at the moment.
We bought the Lonely Planet Guide and it looks like
there is plenty to see and do.

We know it is close to North Korea. Recently the United States
and Japan were convinced Kim Jong Il was going to launch a long
range nuclear missile, however the South Koreans were equally
convinced it was a satellite, sadly I can't find the news story now.
However today it seems they really have launched some
short range missiles towards Japan.

I know they speak Korean and I plan to try and learn a few words
when I get there.

I know that Kimchee or Kimchi is the national dish
and that they treat dog as delicacy.

It also seems to be the second most expensive city
in the world to live in.

It will be interesting to review this when I get there.


Jon Allen said...

leaving a test comment

Gary said...

Good start to your blog Jon, I will check it out periodically. What will "the Bat" be doing in Seoul?

I've yet to try dog, I'd like to just to see what it tastes like.