Thursday, July 20, 2006

My Day off

I had to take the day off work today to wait in for a delivery. A new washing machine in fact. The old one, a hotpoint, which has caused no end of problems in the past four years, was declared unrepairable. As part of the service contract we were offered a replacement machine, but having had such problems with this one, a Miele was purchased instead.

Now, I know they are heavy, 85kg in fact, but the way these two delivery lads whinged and moaned you'd of thought I was asking them to carry a half ton motor car up the stairs: Oh there should have been three people; Oh I've got a sore wrist; Oh It's so heavy; Oh I don't think we can do this Sir; Oh we might have to leave at the bottom of the stairs; Oh it's not right we have to carry these really heavy washing machines; Oh I'm not sure we're going to be able to lift this. Well guys I'm sorry but you are delivery drivers, what do you expect to do? After much huffing and puffing they managed to get it upstairs without denting the paintwork anywhere. Of course they don't install it, Oh no, you have to get someone else to do that. There's no way I could install it, but The Bat has, of course, already organised this and the next two guys arrive later in the afternoon and speedily remove the old one and install the new one. One shiny new washing machine running smoothly and quietly now.

We got a gas bill in the post from EDF energy, with Estimated written all over it, so I phone up to give them the actual reading and they explain they are very sorry, but because it is a "Final" gas bill they cannot alter the bill, your new supplier will have to adjust that for you. "What do you mean New supplier" I asked, "Well you've cancelled your contract with us Sir", "Oh no I haven't", "Oh yes you have". "Who says", "The computer Sir". So after a bit more panto banter I ascertain that they cannot tell me Who, How or Why my contract for gas supply has been terminated, not the electricity mind, and that I have to phone another company to find out who is supplying me now. So he gives me a phone number. I ring off and try this number. It's not a valid number.

So a little bit of searching takes me to and a phone number with the extra digit missing from the one I was given. Even at this 10:30pm this evening there was an operator there who could tell me my new supplier was. Can you guess? Yes it's EDF energy! Now I am in a bit of dilemma here, EDF energy have sent me a final gas bill and claim not to be supplying me with gas, however the gas transporter company, who are the only people capable of telling me who my gas supplier is, tell me it is EDF. How long do you think I can get free gas before they discover there is a problem? Or how much time and effort do you think I will have to spend trying to convince EDF to start sending me bills again?

This evening I went as usual to yoga with John Shirborn . Finding yoga lessons in Seoul I think is going to be a bit of challenge, so The Bat has already been planning to get me into Taekwondo classes when I arrive, however I couldn't understand why it would be so violent and dangerous, I thought it was all about soft gentle moves and co-ordination with meditation and aesthetic attributes. Umm, turns out I was thinking of Tai Chi. Anyway, one way or the other, exercise in Korea is going to be different.

So it's been the end of a long day, this retirement lark, I think I can handle it.

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