Saturday, July 29, 2006

More Comedy

Another late night tonight, not TV, but thanks to free tickets being given out at Blackfriars tube station this week I went to the Backyard Comedy Club this evening. It's close to Bethnal Green tube station, and anyone who knows London will know that East London is not one of the best parts of town, and coming out of the station it shows, however it must be the only comedy club in London to have a sign actually in the tube station directing you to the correct exit. Outside appearances can be deceptive and inside the venue was non smoking (a real blessing) air conditioned, and also a much better layout of chairs and tables than Jongleurs.

This time, the website still has who was on, so thanks to: the compere DOUGLAS DOUGLAS, very funny indeed; RHOD GILBERT, a very amusing routine; ZOE LYONS, much better than that dreadful australian comedienne at the last place; and a fine act from ANDREW BIRD to round off a very good evening's entertainment.
I wish I could remember some of the great lines some of them came out with, but I can't. I am seriously considering trying out as many of the comedy venues in London before my departure, now less than two weeks away. I need one of those count down displays of days hours and minutes to go on the web site.

More news from The Bat. The apartment is great: 11th floor of a new block 20 mins walk from the school. The view from the flat is..... another flat, but the view from outside the flat in the corridor is across trees and stuff - quite an impressive view, you wonder why they didn't put the corridor the other side. There's kitchen and bathroom, but no other furniture.

When I said they want a LARGE deposit, I was not joking. They want 10 million won, over £5,000 deposit! Now if we were Korean, that money would be guaranteed by the state, however Foreigners are not entitled to that right. So we have the choice of taking a risk with the flat owner or giving the money to the school boss and let him get him to get the govt. guarantee and hope that he repays us. Tough choice.

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Unknown said...

Sounds like your adventure is starting off well. You've already seen some things I haven't seen in almost five years in Korea!

My wife and I paid more than ten times your deposit. We put it in my name without knowing about the government guarantee. Are you sure that's true? Next time it goes in my (Korean) wife's name!