Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Some More Korean Blogs

I've been working my way through the blogs on the Korean Blog list again. In contrast to the previous couple of posts on the subject I thought I'd list each one in turn. So, in no particular order, here we go:

A Year In Korea Ryan is a fellow Englishman. He's working at the English Village in Seoul. He arrived in July and seems to be finding his feet.

Adventures In Korea Colleen is a Canadian teaching English in Yongsin. She's been blogging since Oct 2004.

Ahssa! Is an unusual blog. It's tagline is 'An on-going Roman a Clef blovel About Life as American Expat in Korea'. Contributors include Shelton TeaCher, Lester Aswepe and Coy Askew and seems to be about life working at a hogwan.

Alive In Daejeon James works in Daejeon, and posts regular updates on his life and friends there.

American Family Living In Korea Becky and Bob Eller have been posting regular updates on their family life in Sacheon since April, including plenty of photos and their recent trip to China.

An American In Ulsan TSF has some amusing and interesting updates on his life and travels in Korea as a teacher in Cheonsang.

An American Studying In Seoul Baily J has just gone back to Oregon after a year in Korea. Sounds like he's having a hard time adjusting to life back in the USA.

Art life and Everything Penelope Thompson is an Australian performance artist in Busan. She's got pictures and videos of her art on her blog.

As Far As I Can Go Some strange random burblings from someone on Live Journal there.

Live Life! Love Life The life and times of an American student over here. Featuring "Miniskirt Monday". The inspiration for FeetMan Seoul he says.

Ranting on the ROK Stef is a Kiwi ESL teacher and has some interesting posts.

Janes Daily Blah I think I'll let Jane speak for herself : "I'm short, I'm weird, and my life goal is to become a professional hermit. Or a traveler-writer-photographer. In reality, I tend to go back and forth between the two, so I'd say life's going well. Please check out my photographs, located at Jane's Journeys (last updated on 10.15.06), and be sure to visit my store!" She's keen to sell her book : Prisoner of Wonderland: an ESL misadventure. Published by Lulu for $7.95.

Aussie in Seoul Simon moved to Seoul in June 2005 to work in a five star hotel. His blog is currently showing his pictures from his trip to Italy.

Rost in Transration was a great title for a blog but Erin seems to have created a new blog and then stopped posting.

Queer Eye Korea Lots of pictures of male swimmers if you like that sort of thing here.

Korea, travel, Babes, Politics is how the nomad describes his blog on the Korean list. 'A Kayaker's journal of traveling, living abroad, Korea, and some personal thoughts' it says on his site.

Life and Seoul Brian and Patty Breuhaus blog about their life. He is a journalist.

Gusts of Popular feeling Matt has some very interesting posts on the history of Seoul. The latest one has a lot of photos of Seoul as it was in the 1930s and 40s.

Snapshots from Korea by EM Herbert. She has recently arrived and teaches English.

Kimchi loving canucks Does what it says on the tin. Matt and Hannah teach English and live in Uiwang, south of Seoul, with their 2 year old son.

Korea Pop Wars Mark Russel has notes on entertainment, culture and more. Including regular lists of the month's box office returns.

Suddenly Susan This is a link to a blog from MetroPolitician's blogroll, but you have to be invited to read it and there seems to be no way of contacting her. I'll try emailing Michael again.

Well that's enough for now. There's a few more I've looked at that have stopped posting now or moved back home which I have omitted. Still 167 on my list to go! In the meantime, best get on with real life.


Anonymous said...

this one holds promise --

i know the writer. he's good stuff and he promises an inisightful pepero post.

E.M. Herbert said...

Hey, thanks for the link!

John Steele said...

Hi, I am the author of Live,Laugh,Love. I am American, but I am not a student.

Jon Allen said...

Hi John,
Very sorry to tar you with the student brush!
I'm not sure why I thought you were a student my apologies.

kiwi said...

great list, the link to the blog about stef the nzer says its a private blog, do you have her email so i can ask to be added to her list that can see her blog?

Jon Allen said...

Hi Kiwi,
You are right. Stef's blog seems to have become private since I visited it.

I think she left Korea, maybe she stopped updating the blog.

I'm sorry I don't have her email address. You could try asking Stafford at the chosun bimbo : he might have her email address.

That is one very annoying thing about blogger, it tells you there is a blog, but gives you no way of letting the blogger know you are interested.

At least the Suddenly Susan blog is now NOT private since I wrote the post, so you win some, you lose some!

Unknown said...

Cheers for the compliment. Actually I don't really know how to do build my own modules unfortunately. What I'll do at some point in the near future is take the site to another town in the UK and when I do that I'll build a module for it. I'm still kind of learning the ropes when it comes to Drupal.

Unknown said...

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