Saturday, March 10, 2007

Shaggy Blog Stories: a collaborative blog-stunt for Comic Relief.

British blogger Troubled Diva is gathering stories from UK bloggers to publish a book via in aid of the charity Comic Relief in time for Red Nose day on Friday 16th March 2007.

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David said...

Hi Jon,

How are you are you doing?

On my site ( I am planning on writing a little page where new people who are thinking about coming to Korea, or who have just arrived, can go to get some help and information about living here. If its not too much trouble I'd like to ask you a few question in relation to your experience in Korea and what you think are important details and information a newbie would need to know.

Of course once I've posted you're all more than welcome to share the information I've collected. Much like the rest of you I'm sure you get asked, through your site, from people wanting to come here and need some information. Honesty would be appreciated (lets not all get too cynical just yet ;) )

* What are 10 important things to bring to Korea?

* What places/cities do you recommend working in?

* What important details do you keep an eye open for in a new contract?

* Public school/hagwon/university, which one is the best? Pros and cons?

* What are Korean people like?

* Any other bits of information I should know before coming to Korea?

Please don't feel as if you need to answer all of the questions.

Thanks for your help. It's much appreciated.


siying said...

Hi, I am a singaporean planning to visit Korea in July this year hence coming across your blog which provides useful informatioin to my holiday.

As I am unable to find accurate weather information for the month of July, I am hoping that maybe you can let me know if it is very warm to visit Korea particularly Seoul in July. I heard its around 40deg.

Thank you very much for your help.

Si Ying
From Singapore (my blog)