Friday, March 16, 2007

Shaggy Blog Stories Published

Well done Mike at Troubled Diva. He worked day and night for seven days to publish this book of 100 funny stories from British bloggers for Comic Relief Day.

Go to Shaggy Blog Stories and order yourself a copy now. The cover price is £8.96, of which £3.63 will go to Comic Relief once external manufacturing costs have been deducted. Lulu is donating their share of the profits to Comic Relief too.

Several of my favourite bloggers have contributed including Diamond Geezer , The Girl With a One Track Mind and I Am Livid. The full list is here.

Happy Red Nose Day. For those not familiar with this annual tradition : In England, for the past 11 years, one night of the year on British Television is dedicated to raising money for charity. The charity Comic Relief has raised over £425 million in its mission to help end global poverty and social injustice.

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