Thursday, June 28, 2007

Korean Blogs that have lasted the year

Today marks the first anniversary of this blog. Yes, one year ago I tentatively began this blog about our impending trip to Seoul. 150 posts later I'm still blogging and still bringing a small but loyal band of readers a mixture of news, events, photos and items of interest on my life in Seoul.

To celebrate this anniversary I decided to take a visit to The Korean Blog List to see how many other bloggers that added their blog to the list around the same time as I did are still blogging.

Feet Man Seoul Continues to grow his blog with daily posts on Korean fashion tips and stars and has expanded with Korean language posts as well.

Art Life and Everything Penelope stopped posting in December 2006.

Azikiwe Chandler Azikiwe is still blogging and writing a book.

Lazy Saturday Suegene is still busy blogging about knitting from New England.

Just Wandering Jackie is still blogging and has decided to stay another year in Korea. She's just got a new job at a University.

A Year In Korea Not sure what he's called, but he lasted the year and he is about to leave Korea very soon.

Deeper Shade Of Seoul Jes is still here blogging about her life.

Dae Han Min Decline Jon is busy DJing and has pictures of people vomiting and other happier scenes from punk rock concerts on his blog.

I Dream Therefore I Am Jimong has moved his blog to wordpress and continues to blog about Korean items of interest from Vancouver.

A Canadian In Korea Eric has posted a few updates and is back in Canada soon.

A Welshman With Seoul :P Now defunct.

DeiHanMinGuk Discoveries Goulash updates his blog on an occasional basis.

Living On The Flipside Amy provides very detailed updates on her life almost every day.

Flora In Seoul Flora's stopped in April, and has started facebooking. (Is that a verb yet?)

Show Dae Jang Geum On BBC Alice in London started a blog about her quest to get the BBC to air the Korean drama 'Dae Jang Geum' in the UK. Her latest post in May indicates that the BBC would love to share it with the British viewers, but sadly there just isn't enough time in the day to show it.

Seoul Searching This one disappeared.

Seoul Brotha Adrian was on my blogroll until last month when I noticed he stopped posting in December last year.

Simply Korean This one has disappeared too.

Hidden Confessions Jon stopped posting in Sep 2006.

Beloved Babbling Beloved is back in the US and still babbling occasionally.

Noraebang He hasn't posted since April

Peace Of Rice: 1/150,000 KADs Soon Young is still blogging frequently.

Almost Urban -Canadian Student Henry has been blogging steadily during the year. His postings on his trip to Mt Kumgang in North Korea are excellent.

The Daily Kimchi The indefatigable Gdog has continued to blog a post every day since he began his teaching job last year. His blog also provides the largest number of referrals to this blog for which I am always grateful.

So, out of the 24 blogs started only 8 have stopped blogging. That is quite a good record I would say. Congratulations to all those that have lasted a year. Here's to another year of blogging, and to the 36 blogs that have been added to the Blog List since my last roundup in April can you last the year?


Gary said...

Hi Jon, thanks for the kind words. I always enjoy reading your quality posts on what's happening in Korea.

Your post has inspired me to post about my one year blog anniversary too--except I am 12 days late! ;)

It does take a considerable amount of dedication to post once a day, and you are right--I am indefatigable!

Anonymous said...

no problem!!! quite addicted to blogging these days, actually.

Sandeep Shande said...

congratulations !!!
have a wonderful blogging year and keep us updated about happenings in Seoul.

Aaron said...

Congrats on running the gauntlet. Keep 'er up.

Anonymous said...

I found that blogging is not-so-easy hobby to keep up. So many interesting stuffs/events, So little time to catch up especially with a language barrier.
Anyway, Congratulations to you too Jon!! Thanks.