Friday, June 29, 2007

Expats in Asia: Want to star in a TV show?

Unlike Joe Mondello over at Paintroller blog, who has become an "extremely minor internet celebrity" thanks to his video resume (in Korean) and is turning down TV interviews, I don't get many invitations to go on TV. So when this email arrived out of the blue I was intrigued:

From: Chandramohan Nag
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2007 15:48:35 +0800
To: Jon Allen


My name is Nag , a television producer working from Singapore, i just happen to see your blog , . I'm currently working on an 8-part television series called Global expats for a local television channel. It aims to examine and track the lives and livelihood of expatriates who choose to work, live and play in Asia. I would like to feature you in our series. We would like you to share your Expat experience what kind of a cultural shock you had? How did you cope? What are the things you like about the new place? How is different is life away from home etc. what's the culture shock you had first moved in? What efforts you take to adapt to the culture? (For example learning language, music, art etc? how you socialize with local people etc.

If you are interested pls. drop me line : cm_nag [at]

We will take it from there.


So I exchanged a couple of emails with him but after I told him my age, and gave him a few details about our interests, poor Korean language skills, minimal social life and how we only have a small number of Korean and expat friends, he seemed to lose interest!

But maybe, if you're younger, sexier, speak a bit of Korean and have lots of Korean and expat friends you might be more what he is looking for. He did not give me any more details, so drop him a line if you are keen and please do let me know how you get on. Did any other bloggers get his email?

This forum also has a few 'media requests' for British expats if you have a burning desire to get more attention.

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Gary said...

Hi Jon, I actually was contacted by Nag and I passed along your email. I was going to email you a heads up, but I totally forgot. I hope you didn't mind that I gave him your email!! I thought you would be the man for the job. :)