Friday, November 24, 2006

Yeouido's latest sculptures

Continuing the theme of local construction sites, yesterday I finally got to see inside the courtyard of the apartment block that's nearly finished. It's called
"Island Park"

said "Island Park, The Sharp". [I guess no one told them the other name for that little symbol is the hash sign].
Of course any new building round here would not be complete without the obligatory outdoor sculpture / artwork and, as befits its size and prestige, this building has a total of four. One in the middle of the courtyard :

This one :

and there's another one of similar size opposite, along with a large collage, neither of which I've successfully photographed yet.

This type of outdoor sculpture work was something that I noticed very soon after arriving in Seoul. The range and quantity is quite amazing. They range from the small, plain and simple :

(That one is outside Kyobo securities building beside Yeouido metro station) to the large, colourful and complex. This fish fountain is just along the road from the one above.

It was only later that I heard of the regulation requiring some outdoor work of art for each building, we had only guessed until then.

Two more good places for sculpture are the Olympic Park Sculpture Garden and at Seoul Grand Park outside the National Museum of Contemporary Art there are 70 artworks.

I have been building up a collection of photos and I hope to upload them all onto flickr at some point. But since I have already used up my bandwidth with the free account for this month, either I'm going to have to pay for it, or that little project may have to wait.

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Gary said...

Hi John, great pictures. I will be visiting Yeouido Park sometime to snap some pics.

Have you tried Google's PicasaWeb? They give you 250mb of free storage. All you need is a Gmail address. If you don't have one already, I can email you an invite.