Sunday, May 06, 2007

Hi Seoul Festival High Wire championship

We saw a couple of the competitors in the Hi Seoul High Wire world championship event on Saturday morning. It was perfect weather for the final day of the three day competition: warm and bright with very little wind.

First to go was Valery Svezhov. He walked a steady pace and made it safely across the 1,000 meter long steel rope across the Han river in just over 22minutes. I caught this shot of him afterwards.
Portrait of Valery Svezhov after completing the 1km high wire walk across the Han river

Second to go across was the Colombian Alan Martinez. He set off at a blistering pace in an attempt to surpass the target time of 11 minutes 22.49 seconds set by Abudusataer Wujiabudula of China on the first day of the event.

This is a 30 second clip of our view from the ground, of Alan 22 meters above us.

Sadly his time of 11 minutes 30.54 was just 9 seconds slower than Abusataer who remained unbeaten and went on to take the $15,000 first prize. The news stories I found did not have the full results, so here are the final results for the 15 who completed the crossing out of the 18 competitors.
Abudusataer WujiabudulaCHN 11:22.49
Alan Martinez COL11:30.54
Jade Kindar-Martin USA 11:35.54
Adili Wuxiuer CHN11:53.93
Bekhzod Tashkenbaev UZB 13:02.20
Laszlo Antal Simet HUN 14:22.45
Jorge Arturo Ojeda ECU 14:50.41
Pedro Carrillo USA 17:05.09
Wontae Kwon KOR 17:06.77
Tsutomu Okamoto JPN 17:34.86
Valery Svezhov RUS 22:45.00
Ayixiguli Maimaitimin CHN 31:40.58
Yana Kazanbaeva RUS 35:23.42
Olga Simet HUN 35:49.73
Daisuke JPN 41:23.97

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daeguowl said...

Do you know wat ethnic minority those chinese guys are from? They're certainly not Han Chinese