Thursday, May 03, 2007

Hi Seoul Festival

We went to the festival stage on Sunday evening to see the 'Non verbal performance'. The drumming , the magic show and the martial arts show were excellent, but whoever booked the singer maybe needs to have the meaning of the title of the show explained to them one more time.

The lighted boats floating down the Han were very well done, look out for them between 8pm and 10pm if you get a chance. There are some more decorated boats moored beside the stage near Building 63 that caught my eye:

Decorated boats on the Han River at the stage off yeouido

Yesterday we went back to Gyeonghuigung palace to see some more of the events. There was drumming from a very good five member group,
female drumming group, hi seoul festival

and also a superb demonstration of Taekwondo.
Taekwondo demonstration
This display is repeated every Wednesday and Saturday until December at the Gyeonghuigung palace. They are also offering a Taekwondo experience for foreigners, Tuesday to Sunday every week, if you'd like to have a go yourself.

Seouliva has also been to some of the events too.

Upcoming events for the weekend are:
Friday 4th evening, the Musical Royal dream of the Hwaseong also at Gyeonghuigung palace.
on Saturday 5th: 1st Hi Wire Championship. It's also 24 Hours of flickr day, when photographers around the world are invited to share what they see on that day.
On Sunday it's the Jongmyo Daeje which only happens once a year.

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